How We Help

 The 4-Stage Relationship Influence System

  • During Stage-1  although your skepticism will be at its highest level, you will be able to instantly and amicably stop arguments without giving up who you are or what you want. Without this stage, arguments will reemerge; and anything else you do for the marriage will not be of any lasting value.
  • During Stage-2  you will increase closeness and be appreciated for who you are without compromising your goals. The MRI brain research explains why this stage will not go smoothly — why it will be intermittent and halting. This can be discouraging and will require your redoubled determination to follow the strategic-plan.
  • During Stage-3  you will develop a system to resolve disagreements without giving-up what you want. ‘Compromising’ is the kiss-of-death for your relationship. For example, if you wife compromises, her ambivalence will come out in her behavior — done with a frown, resentment, shrugged shoulders, or attitude. Without full buy-in, her ‘commitments’ will – at best — be half-hearted, inconsistent, or intermittent. Without this stage, future disagreements will take you all the way back to unfriendly, hostile arguments.
  • During Stage-4  you will have the ability to influence your wife’s behavior so she winds up doing more of what you want because she want to do it. As in Stage-3, decisions must be with her full buy-in. Without that, poor decisions will result; and her ‘agreement’ will be half-hearted and inconsistent.

This system is the mechanism (the vehicle) that allows you to use the recent brain research and disable the Adversarial-Cycles.

And The Best Part, You Won’t Need To: 

  • Meet with a therapist or counselor
  • Wait for your wife to change or participate
  • Dredge up past hurtful events (doing so will actually destroy your relationship)
  • Learn ‘conflict resolution’ or ‘communication’ techniques
  • Change who you are or compromise what’s important to you
  • Wait weeks to see results

Unique Process

During Stage-1, we will give you the tools to amiably stop arguments within seconds. This will require you follow the strategic plan in spite of initially ‘adverse’ conditions. During this stage, when a difficult situation begins to emerge, contact us ASAP so we can provide you with tactics (designed for your unique relationship) you can use to turn stressful opportunities to your advantage rather than allow them to degenerate and reinforce pessimism.


How long will it take?

The last thing you need right now is a prolonged, demoralizing experience. Certainly if we are both 100% convinced that the 4-Stage System is the best solution to your problem, and if we decide to work together, we will rapidly give you the detailed road-map which has proven successful for many others. Once that information is transferred to you, results can be seen in 1-3 days and you can reestablish the relationship you formerly had within 8 weeks.


How To Determine If This System Will Help Your Situation:

We offer a single, one-on-one complimentary Relationship Strategy Sessions.