Dr. Karlsberg

I specialize in helping men who are successful in other areas of their life – but are dissatisfied with their marriage. I’ll help you develop strategies specific to your relationship to put an end to conflict, distance and tension — without counseling or compromise.

However, as I mentioned, this is not a slam-dunk. To achieve success within the 8 weeks, will require your laser-focused determination to follow the strategic-plan.

I was formerly an officer with the U.S. Marines and an FAA Flight Instructor — I tell you this only to reassure you that nothing about this system is touchy-feely. Instead, these are concrete, precision-targeted, relationship strategies.

Traditional relationship counseling does not work.

Despite more and more advice available, the divorce rate has stayed 50% for more than half a century. And on top of that, recent studies now show that many people stick it out in relationships that are a far cry from what they want. Either they coexist leading nearly separate lives or they get used to a new normal of arguments and fights.

It’s distressing seeing the misinformation, misconceptions, and inaccurate advice out there that causes people to suffer in a marriage that has so much potential. It’s tragic to hear from so many people who unnecessarily gave up on their marriage and family because they relied on outdated information.

I developed the ‘4-Stage System’ and received the Georgetown University’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. My method has been published in professional journals and I have been invited to teach this new system to audiences around the country.

What’s really exciting is the revolutionary brain research which now explains why counseling is ineffective and dangerous.

I’ve been providing relationship strategies to business leaders and professionals for a really, really long time and have never (and I do mean never) been able to deliver such consistent and remarkable results before this MRI brain research discovery.