Stop Arguments In Seconds and Regain the Passion and Gratification

You are successful in other areas of your life but dissatisfied with your marriage. Using the most recent MRI brain research, you can stop arguments within seconds, stop your divorce, and regain the satisfaction and gratification you formerly had with your spouse. You can do this within 6-8 weeks even if you currently believe you have ‘irreconcilable differences’.  

Once you understand the mechanics of how arguments develop, you’ll be able to stop them in their tracks. You can do this singlehandedly, without counseling and without compromising. 


Although well-meaning, the misinformation, misconceptions, and inaccurate advice

out there causes people to suffer in marriages that have so much potential — and causes

many people to give up on their marriage and family because they do not have the most current information.


Couples often report a high success rate immediately after counseling – some as high as 80–90%  – partners become optimistic about the fate of their relationship. They sincerely want their relationship to work. The stress may briefly go away, but — when arguments reemerge — your skepticism about the fate of your relationship gets reinforced. Because the source of the problem has not been identified and disabled, argument reemerge, and the real success rate of counseling is an abysmal 30%.  

The statistics on the success of marriage therapy has held steady at around 30% — not a shinning success…”                                                                                                                                              Harville Hendrix in the forward he wrote for “Wired for Love” by Stan Tatkin


Is This You?

Do you feel that every year, the two of you are drifting further and further apart?

Do you go to bed angry; sleep on opposite sides of bed?

Are you embarrassed to tell your friends and family that your marriage is in trouble?

Do you feel isolated, distant, coexisting in sullen silence instead of enjoying your time together?

Do you lie-awake at night wondering what causes your once ‘hot and heavy’ relationship to turn cold and distant?

Are you tired of angry outbursts, finger-pointing, or “silent treatments”?

Do you often wake-up in the morning 2 feet away from your spouse but you feel 2 miles away?                       


  1. Why has the divorce rate remained at 50% for the past half century? And on top of that, recent studies now show that many people stick it out in relationships that are a far cry from what they want. Either they coexist leading nearly separate lives or they get used to a new normal of arguments and fights.
  2. Why in the past 25 years has the divorce rate in the over 50 years age group DOUBLED. Why has the divorce rate in the over 60 years age group TRIPLED?
  3. Why do a “…significant share of ‘gray divorces’ occur among couples who have been married for 30 years or more.”?




Prior to the recent MRI brain research, we didn’t understand the source of the problem; and without that, it’s been impossible to come up with an effective solution.

 You’ll Soon Discover…

  • That You Are Not Trapped In An “Incompatible” Marriage
  • Why Outdated Relationship Advice Is Dead Wrong and Can Lead to a Devastating Costly Divorce
  • How Stress In Your Marriage Diminishes Your Productivity At Work and Reduces Your Profits
  • Why ‘Compromise’ – Giving Up What You Want – Is The Kiss Of Death For Your Relationship

   If you compromise what is important to you, poor decisions will result.  (see: “Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson)  For example, if you wife compromises, her ambivalence will come out in her behavior — done with a frown, resentment, attitude, or displaying only half-hearted or intermittent effort.

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